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    Scraping for CMS, Web Scraping April 13th, 2012 8 Comments

    Magento is one of the strong e-commerce platforms in todays web. It has good control over its presentation, contents and functionality. Many of our clients needed products from other websites displayed in their Magento site. We developed quite a few random scripts for some clients and then thought it would be cool if we could develop one better to re-use again and again.

    Our magento scraping package automates your products uploading to your site. It works on a minimal configuration about the source sites and target product categories. We help you during the whole installation process.

    We provide you ways to feel & understand the automation, script failures and other supporting measures to keep your website functioning.

8 Responses to Data Scraping for Magento

  1. Aman Mahal says:

    Can you provide the details and price.Want to see the demo.

    • Hi Aman,
      We don’t have a public demo at this moment. Currently we’re providing it upon sales. About price: it depends on some other params. Lets discuss privately.


    • Ginny says:

      Do know how Magento converts the ab_bb names to diotecrry/capital names?For example, where would it search for abmodule/subdiotecrry_filebb?I supposed that it would look in /app/code/local/[package_name]/abmodulebb/absubdiotecrrybb/abfilebb.php. But it stille gives me this error, that it can’t find the model.

  2. Hans Terweij says:


    We are looking for a web scraping to Magento import module. Could we get information on pricing and a demo or some screenshots or something to review the product?



  3. Aldo says:

    Hello i need scraping site if 7 sites and import they in my platform magento site.
    After i need update quantity


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