• Our Recent Experiences with Price Comparison Tools

    Data Extraction, Data Parsing, Web Crawling, Web Scraping April 23rd, 2016 No Comments

    We have been developing price comparison tools for many years now, but never shared any of our experiences here or on any other blog of us. However, this year we have developed two (2) different kind of price comparison tools for 2 different customers whose requirements were very custom for their own.

    I will share both of the experiences here today. One was expecting a comparison between different versions of same products from same source. They basically needed to track changes of price and some other attributes (like colors & sizes) of each product when it comes from their competitors websites. This way they became able to set their own prices for the respective items of their store. We even created an email template to let them know the changed products every morning to their email. We developed a very simple web panel for this customer as they said the view was not very important where data are more important.

    Price Comparison Simple Panel View

    Price Comparison Simple Panel View

    The other experience was related to golf pricing comparison. The client wanted to launch an application where they can show the golf club owners a comparative pricing between his/her club’s course and some closest courses, chosen or configured by them. For active subscribers, the system prepares reports for their choices and sends them email regularly in the morning. This helps them get the competitors prices in a single window at a glance in the morning.

    Price Comparison Smart View for Golf Clubs

    Price Comparison Smart View for Golf Clubs

    In both cases, our job was to softly pull complex information from target sources and then parse them as per the requirements before saving to the database. The scraping frequency was defined by the customer’s requirement.

    If you need a similar solution or any sort of related help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards.


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