• Joomla to WordPress Data Transferring Experience

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    One of our recent projects was a Joomla to WordPress Data Transferring Experience. The requirement was to extract items from one website (Joomla) and transfer them into another website (WordPress). The target site was a clothing store built on WooCommerce with shirts, pants, and jackets. Scraping all pictures, colors and sizes were also part of the job.

    Joomla to WordPress data transfer

    We handled everything 100% and got a 5/5 feedback on Upwork. Additionally, we maintained all URLs as SEO friendly as they were in the original site.

    Just wanted to share this ‘simple but important’ information to let our possible customers know about the range of services we can handle.

  • Custom Aggregation Services Using Drupal Feeds Module

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    We have customized Drupal’s feeds module to aggregate custom data from multiple sources including websites, feeds, local or remote databases, local files or medias, etc. We applied huge customization to add ability to do many things. For example -  our customization for the “Fetcher” adds strength to download from complex sites requiring a login to access data. Also, we added ability to parse many difficult data types in the parser. And our customization on the “Processor” can insert/update multiple nodes/destinations & serve many purposes like rating update, referencing other nodes, posting to twitter/facebook, and many more.

    Please feel free to contact us for any custom aggregation services in your Drupal site.

  • Data Scraping for Magento


    Magento is one of the strong e-commerce platforms in todays web. It has good control over its presentation, contents and functionality. Many of our clients needed products from other websites displayed in their Magento site. We developed quite a few random scripts for some clients and then thought it would be cool if we could develop one better to re-use again and again.

    Our magento scraping package automates your products uploading to your site. It works on a minimal configuration about the source sites and target product categories. We help you during the whole installation process.

    We provide you ways to feel & understand the automation, script failures and other supporting measures to keep your website functioning.